Our current shared experience has led to new and exciting possibilities in the quest for the fairest and the best in a global reality where constant adaptation to the democratization of information is required whilst sowing the seeds of ethics, ever-present on our business trajectory. This is who we are at UNU Hotels & Resorts. Not only do we have an invaluable reputation and moral commitment, but we also cherish the basic and singular principle of trust.

Tireless innovation in the midst of a disruptive culture is vital and invaluable in order to obtain economic results whilst all the time employing activities and an outlook aimed towards sustainable development of the business within the market in which we operate. Moreover, as well as being one of the key pillars of our management, such practices go hand-in-hand with integrity and our culture, which is grounded in our compliance with current laws, as well as in the synergy and commitment to our values, which are incorporated by all us members of UNU in our daily lives, regardless of our experience in the business, job position, nationality or origin.

Our mission defines the principles that safeguard and guide our daily actions. The aforementioned trajectory provides us with a framework of what is expected from each one of us in our professional activities, as well as when we maintain contact with our shareholders, guests, employees, suppliers and the most diverse of business partners.

It also defines our commitment to environmental and social issues, ones to which we are dedicated to protecting and preserving, minimizing impacts as well as dedicating ourselves to society as a whole. We actively and assuredly focus all our energy and dedication on the fight against child labor, forced labor, exploitation of those who are most vulnerable, as well as on the fight against all and any violence and discrimination, especially against children, women, the elderly and minority groups. We carry out our activities grounded in the best corporate practices, with warmth, respect, responsibilities, austerity, and an ever-aware determination.

Our vision and commitment do not stand out singularly because of our pursuit of the most up-to-date and contemporary standards of products and services. We also value performance and the quest for results as well as the preservation of the assets in our business activities through our multidisciplinary technical teams who are professionally trained to work in the most distinct of disciplines. We perfectly understand that the balance between profit sharing and preserving and improving our assets is essential, being indeed one of the standout characteristics that is present in our company’s DNA.

We always reaffirm our commitment to respecting human rights, not only those of our employees but of all those working with us either directly or indirectly, all of whom are extremely valuable and contribute immensely to our aggregated value creation and to the success of us all as one, single team.

We are UNU, we are unique and we are all in one; we are always eager and driven by challenges!

UNU Hotels & Resorts