The Complaints Channel is the UNU Hotels and Resorts’ mechanism to receive complaints, contributing not only to the combat of fraud and corruption but also for effectiveness and transparency in the organization’s communication and sustainability

Employees, related parties and shareholders, upon noticing any practice or act that goes against what has been set out in the Ethics’ Code should report it immediately. The Complaints Channel framework is available to our employees, but also any related parties, such as customers, business partners, service providers and suppliers.

Every and any complaint related to the Ethics’ Code will be handled confidentially and analyzed by the Ethics and Conduct Committee made up of members, who have been chosen by executive management, responsible for investigating any suspects of infractions or non-compliance.

The complaints made through the Complaints’ Channel are of a confidential nature and are independently and confidentially analyzed and handled by the Ethics and Conduct Committee. In order to ensure the anonymity, any report through this channel is not tracked. Nevertheless, so it can be investigated effectively, the complaint will have to provide minimum information for us to undertake the analysis.

It’s possibly to notify the information via the email: or through the following form:

Name: Full name or codename
Email:  Valid email address
Telephone: Telephone number

Subject (Complaint type): (Harassment, Training, Product Commercialization, Social Media and Communication, Conflicts of Interest – Parallel Activities, Conflicts of Interests – Gifts and Presents, Conflicts of Interests – Events and Entertainment, Conflicts of Interests – Nepotism (Relationships) or Favoritism, Alcohol Consumption and Other Drugs, Political Contributions, Human Rights, Diversity, Espionage and Competition, Professional Ethics, Intellectual Property, Own Resources, Health and Safety, Information Security, Brand Use, Press Relations, Customer Relations, Supplier Relationships, Competitor Relationships, Relations with Public Bodies, Environmental and Social Responsibility)

Description: Describe the incident/facts
Place: Place of incident
Date: Date of incident
Report: Name of the person to be investigated
Appendix: Field to upload documents / proof / evidence